Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where do our value truly lies?

Where do our value truly lies?
In a world where we is bomb-bared by materialistic things,
where we as a people value more than human life itself.

Its so sad to think what we are really teaching our children of the next generation. I read a story this morning that shocked and sadden me, it was about a man who took his own life because he wanted to go home and his girl friend refused because she wanted to go into one last store to buy shoes because there was on sale. There was an argument and she made feel that he was worthless and he was trying to ruin Christmas for her, in his frustration and hurt he jump the balcony to his death.

I know what you must be thinking, Why didn't he leave her at the store and go home? If was in that position I would... It is easily said than done, when you are angry and you have been brought down to size so badly by the one person you love the most, you don't think straight at that point in time. So in his case he thought he was doing something right at that time to relive himself from the situation. I am not blaming anyone for the man's demise at all, but his girl friend put a lot of value on materialistic things and not one one thing that should be valued the most which is being truly a happy with one another and not with self or self indulgence...

There is one story from the bible that I as individual value the most and its a greatest example for all of us. Its the story of Job. Job had everything a man could want and need, the devil told Jehovah God in other words that he was serving him because of the things that he has and to prove this he will show him by taking away all the things that he had. Jehovah told Satan "okay but do not kill him", he agreed. He took away everything of value that belonged to him, but Job being God's servant himself never wavered and stayed truthful to Jehovah because he knew where his true value lies and he also proved the devil wrong. he was rewarded ten times more than he had before.

So do not put your value in materialistic things those things fade away over time... Instead value who you are and those around you, and also what your true purpose in Jehovah God.
And you would be rewarded not with materialistic things but with the blessings that God has for you which is true happiness and more.

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