Friday, July 27, 2012

Teena Marie Shangri-La

Teena Marie Déjà Vu I've Been Here Before

Finding myself

To tell you the truth I don't even know how to start this blog sigh!
You see, it's been awhile since I wrote on my blog, 
trying to put my true and honest feelings to down on here.
My journey has been filled with personal fulfillment, pain, anguish and lonely of self. 
The Stacy Ann Parris I was before was happy, open, honesty and filled with love for people and all living things that God himself have made.
I still have love, happiness and honesty but some how it has slightly change, I lost pieces of my soul along the way it has been chipping away on this journey for months now. Also haven't been able to write a piece in a year.
I'm glad that I gotten some self awareness along the way and enlightenment too, but personally it's been hard trying to figure out what is my purpose in life again!
The road seem so dark and dismal with very little light, I'm trying to walk my way through and stay strong as 
I can, not only for me but for my own sanity as well.
As I am writing this tears are flowing from my eyes....
I'm trying to understand why they are falling and what should I do!
Should I be totally honest on my blog like this or hide this parts of me to the public. Ether way it is all me.
Trying to find me and my purpose again.
It is a task that I have to handle with God's help and know who Stacy Ann Parris is...
When I do that I can truly be happy and help someone else in their trials.
It's a long road ahead but I'm willing to take it........

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sleeping for eternity

I have toiled with the idea so many times,
Sleeping for eternity because my body needs some rest. 
BATTERED and internally bruised 
SHATTERED from the weights of perceptions, 
CRUSHING the inner child!

The inner child that is being held up by tooth picks, like a harness.
Bandage to protect her broken heart and none existent soul 
That is presented in their judgmental eyes.

Screams, muffled and chocked with a bolder mixed with icy cold aortas
Pretentiousness and death of value that surrounds her.

No sound No sound NO SOUND!!!!!
Can't escape from her larynx
So it leaks from her opened pores,
That you can hear the cries of an innocent
And the wars that plague her world
So listen before it's too late.