Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sleeping for eternity

I have toiled with the idea so many times,
Sleeping for eternity because my body needs some rest. 
BATTERED and internally bruised 
SHATTERED from the weights of perceptions, 
CRUSHING the inner child!

The inner child that is being held up by tooth picks, like a harness.
Bandage to protect her broken heart and none existent soul 
That is presented in their judgmental eyes.

Screams, muffled and chocked with a bolder mixed with icy cold aortas
Pretentiousness and death of value that surrounds her.

No sound No sound NO SOUND!!!!!
Can't escape from her larynx
So it leaks from her opened pores,
That you can hear the cries of an innocent
And the wars that plague her world
So listen before it's too late.