Friday, November 8, 2013

Scenes Of Life

Today I was reminiscing about certain scenes and milestones in my life...
Some good, some bad, some exciting and adventurous lol!
I realized all those scenes of my life I have no regrets at all, if anything they made me who I am.
A stronger individual with a force to be wrecken with.
And Jehovah God is at the helm at it all and I live for him and no one else..
He gave me his ability to touch other with my poetry and also the ability to speak to mankind through his Word.
I see the scenes of others and their lives played out in front of my eyes and I am very grateful that my life isn't as bad.
So if you think your life is bad or horrible think again and look at the scenes of life around you...And thank Jehovah God for small mercies
Blessings all!

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