Sunday, January 20, 2013

When your body is slowly letting you down

When i was younger i realize how much i took my senses for granted
Now i have gotten a lot more mature and season like fine wine....
I'm slowly losing some of my senses that the creator has giving to me as a gift...

My body is slowly but surely letting me down
It's really a very frighten thing to think that you are losing apart of you an essence of your soul and you can't stop it..
Until gradually you yourself cease to existed, the world around you has no colours, no shapes, no sizes everything you have ever known from a child is taken away and replaced with shades of grey with no texture.

This reminds me of a movie called Benjamin Button where he was born old his mother died during his birth and his father gave him up when he saw his son for the first time..
Benjamin was a survivor despite his short coming in life and he never had any regrets, not one.

So being in existence for 34 years i have no regrets...
When i leave whenever that time maybe i know i've done everything i set out to do and i'm ready for my long deserve beauty rest lolz!

Always thank the father every day you breath.....


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